New Things by Nina Riedy

Sometimes you have to take a good long break from a painting before you’ve decided if it’s done or not. I thought I had my mind made up, the painting was done. After taking some time away from it I’ve come to the conclusion it’s not quite finished. While it was hanging up on the wall, I observed it almost every day. Realizing slowly there was something missing, the painting started to frustrate me. It took time to come to that realization, but it feels right to have the painting back on the ground ready for more layers.


I’m going to start share my thoughts…

About painting and what I’m thinking while I’m in the studio.

Not sure if anyone will read this, but it’s okay because it will ultimately help me sort through my ideas. I’m always hashing out ideas and making connections between my art and life.

Constantly jotting things down while I’m in the studio, or at the coffee shop, or waiting in a lobby… I’ve filled all these little journals and pieces of scrap paper with notes. Now that they’re all scrambled on my desk and my apartment, I figure it’s time to look them over and share my process. That starts with manic ideas, writing about everything and writing about nothing.

I’ve been asked to do an Art Residency at a middle school near Minneapolis and I think it’s important to sort out my thoughts and update my artist statement.

Writing an artist statement was something we were always doing in my undergrad. I was constantly writing then re-writing my statement, then revising it. It was so great to have professors take a look at it as well as my peers.

Now, two years after I graduated, I’ve realized I have only re-written my artist statement once since then.

Time to change that. Step one being: look through my notes and write down only the important stuff.

Thanks for checking in! More updates to follow.